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Summary of the Press Conferences following the meetings of the Council of Ministers

  • 5/10/18

    Government approves increase to more than 10.3 million pensions

    Friday 28 de December de 2018

    The government also agreed on measures to foster new hirings and to further protect the self-employed and the unemployed. Furthermore, it reduced the speed limits on conventional highways and studied increasing the statute of limitations for the criminal offences of assault and sexual abuse against minors.

  • 21/12/18

    Government raises minimum wage for 2019 to 900 euros

    Friday 21 de December de 2018

    The Council of Ministers approved a 2.5% pay rise for the 2.5 million public servants and scrutinised a report from the Ministry of Justice on the criminalisation of sexual offences under the Criminal Code.

  • 14/12/18

    Government approves urgent measures to improve access to housing and promote affordable rents

    Friday 14 de December de 2018

    The government also improved the mechanisms to supervise the financial system and presented a report on the future Education Act. Furthermore, it approved an investment of almost 10 billion euros to guarantee public interest railway services and reduced the tolls on seven motorways.

  • 7/12/18

    Government approves 2019-2021 Action Plan for Youth Employment

    Friday 7 de December de 2018

    The aim of the plan is to foster access by young people to training and decent and stable jobs. The Council of Ministers also approved the Draft Bill to Reform Article 49 of the Spanish Constitution to strengthen the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities. It also pushed through a series of measures to improve the competitiveness of trade and industry.

  • 30/11/18

    Government proposes constitutional reform to restrict privileges of MPs and cabinet ministers

    Friday 30 de November de 2018

    The government also approved measures to guarantee that such illnesses as AIDS and diabetes do not prevent access to public employment, an industrial aid package worth 400 million euros and the new Mixed Agricultural Insurance Plan.

  • 23/11/18

    Government makes further progress on "definitive eradication" of violence against women

    Friday 23 de November de 2018

    The Council of Ministers approved the transposition of several EU Directives to improve the protection of the rights of users of payment services and to make financial supervision more effective. It also set up the Observatory to foster the presence of women in science and allocated 110,000 euros to cover the costs of participants in the 2018 Science Olympiad.

  • 16/11/18

    Government agrees a Comprehensive Plan to stimulate Campo de Gibraltar

    Friday 16 de November de 2018

    The Plan contains measures from eight ministerial departments with the aim of stimulating the economy in the region, reduce unemployment and fight smuggling, money laundering and illegal immigration. The Council of Ministers also approved a 6.33-billion euro loan to the Social Security system to settle the extraordinary pension payment.

  • 8/11/18

    Government changes law to ensure citizens no longer pay mortgage tax

    Thursday 8 de November de 2018

    The government approved changes to two sections of the Property Transfer and Stamp Duty Act so that banks are responsible, as from Saturday, for paying the mortgage tax. It also agreed on a series of urgent measures to improve road management and safety.

  • 2/11/18

    Government takes steps in administrative procedure to exhume remains of Francisco Franco

    Friday 2 de November de 2018

    The government also agreed, as announced last week, to lodge an appeal before the Constitutional Court against the Resolution of the Regional Parliament of Catalonia on the monarchy. The government also declared several provinces affected by the recent storms as Zones Seriously Affected by a Civil Protection Emergency.

  • 26/10/18

    Government lodges appeal against Resolution of Regional Parliament of Catalonia on the monarchy out of a "sense of State"

    Friday 26 de October de 2018

    The government considers that the text is an attempt by the Regional Parliament of Catalonia to initiate a unilateral process that leads to a "hypothetical republic", and goes beyond the powers conferred on this regional institution. The Council of Ministers also agreed to allocate 40 million euros to attention for unaccompanied foreign minors.