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  • 16/07/2018

    Spain-United States Forum

    Saturday 10 de November de 2018

    The 23rd edition of the Spain-United States Forum, an annual meeting organised by the Spain-United States Council Foundation, and its US counterpart, the United States - Spain Council, was inaugurated on Friday in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz).

  • EUROCORPS steering committee meets in Madrid

    Thursday 29 de November de 2012

    The Common Committee of the Eurocorps, the leading body of this European multinational army corps, is holding its annual meeting in Madrid on Thursday as Spain currently holds the position of rotating Secretary for 2012.

  • First Political Dialogue between Foreign Affairs Ministries of Spain and Israel

    Friday 7 de September de 2012

    A high-level delegation from the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry led by Director-General Rafael Barak is in Spain to take part in the First Political Dialogue between the Foreign Affairs Ministries of Spain and Israel.

  • Spanish Government strengthens checks on products imported from Japan

    Tuesday 22 de March de 2011

    Following the sixth meeting of the Group Monitoring the Crisis in Japan, the Spanish Government has decided to perform more stringent checks on products imported from the country in light of the latest confirmed reports from the Japanese Government regarding the presence of radiological contamination in various products, particularly vegetables and milk.