Grande-Marlaska: "We must continue to save lives, work to prevent departures and rescue people at risk at sea"

News - 2022.11.25

Grande-Marlaska stressed this need during his speech to the Council of Ministers of Home Affairs of the Member States of the European Union, in which he called for a greater financial commitment from the EU and a specific action plan focused on prevention for the migratory routes of the western Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast.

"We are not doing enough. The efforts made by countries such as Spain require greater community support. This includes political support, the strengthening of the operational capacities of countries of origin and transit, new legal channels and, most importantly, improved funding," he added.

In the minister's opinion, "prevention is the cornerstone on which Europe must build its migration policy", which is why he has called for greater effort in cooperation with third countries, "a solid commitment that will not be shaken by new crises that may appear on the horizon and that also contemplates the reinforcement of their maritime rescue capacities".

In this regard, Grande-Marlaska expressed Spain's rejection of promoting disembarkation platforms in third countries, "a proposal that could lead to a renunciation of our obligations under international and humanitarian law", he stressed.

"States must rescue people at risk at sea. There is no alternative, either humanitarian or legal. The International Law of the Sea is there to be complied with and we will not shirk our responsibility," he concluded.

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