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At the Agroglobal Forum in Valada (Portugal)

Luis Planas commits to Spanish-Portuguese collaboration at CAP negotiations in defence of a future for farming sector with future

Friday 11 September 2020

In reference to the effects of the pandemic and the outstanding role played by the agri-food sector at the worst moments in recent months, the Spanish minister also called for unity and cooperation to achieve a solid and sustainable recovery.

Luis Planas said that Portugal and Spain, which together account for 14.5% of all agricultural output from the EU-27 and 12.9% of the population, share common challenges both within Europe and worldwide, and should exchange experiences and foster cooperation across the board in defence of a farming sector with a future.

The two countries have short-, medium- and long-term challenges, and this is a key moment to tackle and focus on them because the CAP that is currently being designed will represent one of the greatest transformations for European farming in decades.

This sector in Spain and Portugal faces three major challenges: business profitability to ensure this transition can take place with the necessary incentives, because without profitable operations there will be no future; environmental sustainability, because society is demanding a switch from a linear economy over to a circular one; the necessary generational hand-over in order to use technological change to generate opportunities for young people and women.

Luis Planas stressed that the CAP is a fundamental tool for responding to these future challenges. He went on to say that, in the past, Spain and Portugal have successfully harnessed solidarity from the European Union to modernise their respective sectors.

"We are a success story", he said, while also underlining the value of farming policy for tackling the challenges and the necessary transformation of the farming sector. As regards the European Council meeting in July, he said that both Spain and Portugal obtained sufficient funding to undertake the transition, which combines the preservation of natural resources with the economic profitability of operations.

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