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President of the Government informs King of initiatives approved by Government to ensure stronger Welfare State

Marivent Palace, Palma de Mallorca, Monday 6 August 2018

​The President of the Government informed the King about many issues related to the economic and social situation and about some of the government's recent initiatives framed within the agenda for change which is "pro-European, with a vocation to modernise the economy, progressively motivated and with a feminist spirit". This agenda seeks to serve the transformation of Spain on the verge of a new decade that will bring changes which politics must provide a response to. A new era, he said, "of hope, exemplary public service and with numerous new projects".

Pedro Sánchez argued that the buoyant economic figures, both in terms of job creation and confidence in Spanish foreign trade, must translate into a stronger model of well-being that allows imbalances that are still present in the Spanish economy to be corrected and which are compatible with economic growth based on re-industrialisation, innovation and the development of strategic infrastructures.

In this regard, they spoke about the initiatives announced at the last two Council of Ministers meetings, such as universal access to the health system, an improved grant system, the Master Plan on Dignified Employment, the implementation of the State Pact to Combat Gender-based Violence, the Employment Activation Programme and the fight against the figure of the fake independent contractor to heighten the protection of workers.

Presence of the King and Queen in Catalonia

Pool Moncloa/Fernando CalvoAnother important aspect of the meeting was territorial cohesion and the meetings held, to date, between the President of the Government and the regional presidents, and the more than 18 sector conferences held in these last two months, highlighting the government's commitment to all the autonomous regions and local authorities.

As regards Catalonia, Pedro Sánchez maintains the need for balance and dialogue as a mainstay and informed the King about the bilateral committee with the Regional Government of Catalonia, which had not met in more than seven years.

The President of the Government confirmed that the King and Queen will be present at the events to pay tribute to the victims of the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils in August last year and declared that the most important aspect is "not to forget that we all stand together against terrorism and in solidarity with the victims, and that this support can show no signs of cracking".

Challenge of economic sustainability

Pedro Sánchez also stated that his government faces the challenge of economic, environmental and territorial sustainability and must find a model that can adapt to changes in demand and anticipate future scenarios with a long-term outlook and with the aim of seeking excellence in a tremendously competitive market. This seeks social cohesion to grow and strengthen the foundations of the Welfare State and a project for the future that all of society feels part of.

Migratory policy was another of the issues addressed at this meeting with the King. The President of the Government explained the government's position to him based on solidarity and responsibility in a year that has seen an increase in migratory pressure on the Spanish coast along the so-called "Western Route".

The President of the Government acknowledged the work of the State law enforcement agencies, as well as the reception units on the coast adjoining the Strait of Gibraltar. He also referred to the approval last Friday of a Single Operational Commander to better coordinate the response to a phenomenon that has a global dimension and which cannot be resolved from a national perspective, but in fact only from a European stance.

Strength of tourism sector

Pool Moncloa/Fernando CalvoOn his first trip to the Balearic Islands as President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez made reference to the tourism sector figures in a region which is the "national leader" in this strategic industry for Spain. Tourism has brought more than 37 million inbound tourists to Spain to June this year, with spending of almost 39 billion euros, figures that show the strength of the tourism sector and the capacity of entrepreneurs and operators.

The meeting with the King focused on the agenda of the President of the Government, who also held a meeting in the afternoon with the President of the Regional Government of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, to address specific issues affecting local society.

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