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Government maintains its financial commitments to Marqués de Valdecilla Hospital and will push ahead Palencia-Santander High Performance Railway Corridor project

Moncloa Palace, Madrid, Tuesday 31 July 2018


Pool Moncloa / Jorge Villar

1. Images of the meeting between Pedro Sánchez and Miguel Ángel Revilla

Moncloa Palace, Madrid - 31/07/2018

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, received the President of the Regional Government of Cantabria, Miguel Ángel Revilla, at Moncloa Palace to address issues of great importance for Cantabrian infrastructures, economy and society.

​The President of the Government confirmed to Miguel Ángel Revilla that the government will finance the works on Marqués de Valdecilla Hospital to the tune of 22 million euros in line with the item reserved in the 2018 General State Budget and declared the government's intention to meet its commitments on future annual payments.

Pedro Sánchez also informed the President of the Regional Government of Cantabria of the government's intention to make progress on the Palencia-Santander High Performance Railway Corridor project, which will allow a further step to be taken in building railway infrastructures that will allow them to be converted to high-speed in the future, through new investments. The investments scheduled for the Cantabria Commuter Plan will also be maintained.

As regards the development of the logistics and industrial centre at El Llano de la Pasiega de Piélagos, Pedro Sánchez informed him that the Ministry of Public Works is working on the development of Muriedas railway terminal, which is currently at the design stage, with the surface area being extended for the storage of more vehicles on land belonging to Santander Port Authority.

On economic matters, Pedro Sánchez and Miguel Ángel Revilla spoke about the need to renew the financing system, to which end Pedro Sánchez undertook to set up the work groups defined by the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council. He also informed Miguel Ángel Revilla that the 2018 Budget provides for an item of 4 million euros for the reindustrialisation of the district of Besaya.

Concerning education, President of the Government Sánchez conveyed his government's intention to study the amounts promised for education and open a new channel for dialogue through the Ministry of Education on the signing of a new agreement with the Comillas Foundation and the regional government.

As regards social matters, and in the same way as with other regional presidents, Pedro Sánchez stressed to him the government's commitment to revitalising the National System of Long-term Care and to search for solutions to rural depopulation.

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