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Mariano Rajoy sends condolences to Mauricio Macri on death of crew of submarine 'ARA San Juan'

Saturday 2 December 2017

Dear Mr President,

After confirmation yesterday from the High Command of the Argentine Navy that the rescue operation of 44 crew of the submarine 'ARA San Juan' had concluded unsuccessfully, I wish to express, in my own name and on behalf of the Government of Spain, my deepest sympathies at this terrible loss.

I would ask, Mr President, that you pass on the condolences and affection of the people and Government of Spain to the families of the crew of the 'ARA San Juan' who died in the line of duty. All of Spain feels more united than ever with Argentina at this time of national mourning.

Please accept, Mr President, my warmest regards and deepest personal respect".

Mariano Rajoy Brey

President of the Government of Spain

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