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Mariano Rajoy receives Ignacio González, President of the Regional Government of Madrid

Moncloa Palace, Madrid, Monday 15 October 2012

After Mariano Rajoy concluded his round of talks with all the heads of regional government following his meeting earlier this month with the President of the Regional Government of the Principality of Asturias, Javier Fernández, the replacement of Esperanza Aguirre by Ignacio González led the President of the Government to extend the series of meetings for a first encounter with the new President of the Regional Government of Madrid.

Among the issues discussed at their meeting was a possible review of the financing system applied to the Autonomous Region of Madrid, regarding which talks will continue between the regional government and the Ministry of the Treasury and Public Administration Services, and the reform of the administrative structure aimed at eliminating overlaps and avoiding legislative dispersion.

They also spoke about the future of Eurovegas - a project that Ignacio González said the two leaders agree is of interest for both the Autonomous Region of Madrid and Spain as a whole.