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​Words by President of the Government at Los Llanos Air Base

Albacete, Thursday 12 October 2017

A very good afternoon to you.

Just a brief comment. The Minister for Defence and I have come here today, to Los Llanos Air Base, following the parade by the Armed Forces and the celebration of our National Day this morning in Madrid. And we have come here because, as you know, a Eurofighter pilot, based here in Los Llanos, Captain Borja Aybar, has died in an accident.

We have come here to offer our condolences to the Air Force, which plays an intense role in our National Day, and we have also come here to be with his family. We have spent some time with his widow. He also has a very young, four-month old son. This is a very tough and a very difficult time for her, as you will all appreciate. We have tried to console her. She has three sisters; it is a wonderful family. They are from Socuéllamos, in the province of Ciudad Real. At present we are waiting for the parents of the deceased captain to arrive, who live in Santa Pola. They will do so shortly and we will also express our condolences and deepest sympathies to them.

So, our solidarity, our affection and our best wishes to the family - I believe I can say this on behalf of the vast majority of the people of Spain - and also to the Air Force on such a special day as this is for everyone - the National Day of Spain.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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