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First Political Dialogue between Foreign Affairs Ministries of Spain and Israel

Friday 7 September 2012

Director-General Rafael Barak met with the Spanish State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Gonzalo de Benito, on Friday morning and attended various work meetings with the Spanish delegation at Viana Palace together with the rest of the Israeli delegation.

The Spanish delegation was led by Santiago Cabanas, the Director-General for Foreign Policy and Multilateral, Global and Security Affairs, and Ignacio Ybañez, the Director-General for the Maghreb, Africa, Mediterranean and Middle East.

Both the health of relations between the two countries and issues on the multilateral and international agendas were discussed at this first meeting, as well as the main topics of regional importance. In particular, special focus was placed on the worrying situation in Syria and the perspectives on Iran, as well as the status of the Middle East Peace Process and the important political changes that are taking place in the region.