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Call for proposals for compensatory aid corresponding to 2017

Ministry of Industry allocates 6 million euros to offset CO2 emissions costs of companies

Tuesday 7 August 2018

The total budget schedule under this call for proposals amounts to almost 6 million euros, allocated to offset costs incurred by companies over the course of 2017. This is aimed at facilities belonging to certain sectors that are exposed to a significant risk of "carbon leakage", in other words, where they may decide to transfer their production to other countries due to the costs of climate policies in the European Union.

Under this call for proposals, those companies in the sectors and sub-sectors contained in Annex II may sign up to this aid. This includes the production of aluminium, the manufacture of leather garments, the manufacture of basic iron, steel and ferroalloy products, the manufacture of paper and cardboard, the spinning of cotton fibres and the extraction of iron minerals and minerals for fertilisers and chemical products.

This is the third annual call for proposals for this form of aid since the approval of the compensation mechanism in 2014.

The total scheduled budget amounts to 5,992,656.14 euros, which will be allocated to offset the costs incurred in 2017.

Applications can be presented from 4 to 19 September (both inclusive) at the electronic headquarters of the ministerial department.