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Tourism forecasts

Occupancy over the December bank holidays will increase by 19%

Monday 4 December 2017
Ministerio de Energía, Turismo y Agenda Digital

Forecast occupancy for the December bank holidays stands at 64.3%, according to the Tourism Occupancy Survey conducted by Turespaña, which represents an increase of 19.4% on the forecasts made for the same period last year. This percentage is also 15 points higher than the total occupancy figure recorded at the end of 2016, which stood at 49.3%.

​In terms of establishment type, hotel bookings stand at 56.1% (compared with 47.2% last year) with forecasts expecting occupancy to reach 66.4%. In turn, ski accommodation bookings stand at 52%, with occupancy expected to reach 65%. Finally, rural accommodation bookings also stand at 52%, with occupancy expected to reach 58%.

By region, the Canary Islands tops the list with hotel occupancy expected to reach 88%. This is followed by the Basque Country (80%), the Region of Madrid and La Rioja (77% each) and Andalusia (73%). All regions have posted higher occupancy forecasts when compared with last year except Catalonia, which posted a forecast hotel occupancy rate of 56%. This is 13% lower than the figure posted in 2016 (65%).

The forecasts have also improved for the major cities. Granada and Bilbao top the list (with an occupancy rate forecast of 81%), followed by Seville (80%) and Madrid (79%). Barcelona has posted a noteworthy decrease, with a fall in bookings of 26.7% and a decrease in forecast occupancy of 26% on the figures posted in 2016.

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