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​The fight against terrorism

Spanish National Police Force arrests member of DAESH propaganda arm in Ceuta responsible for distributing and broadcasting material on official channels of the terrorist group

Wednesday 8 November 2017
Ministerio del Interior

In collaboration with the Provincial Brigade of Ceuta, officers from the General Commissariat of Intelligence of the Spanish National Police Force arrested an individual in Ceuta for allegedly belonging to the propaganda arm of DAESH. He is accused of distributing material as an 'informer' - a key figure in obtaining, storing and distributing radical content from the official channels of the terrorist group.

The detainee - a man aged 28 and of Spanish nationality - was a member of a potentially dangerous canvassing, indoctrination and recruitment ring due to ties between its members and Jihadi fighters already among the ranks of DAESH in Syrian territory and due to its strong influence on young people living in the El Príncipe district. Furthermore, he has ties to numerous Spanish Jihadi fighters who have travelled to Syria and died in the conflict zone.

The man arrested was acting under premises contained in various manuals distributed by DAESH; texts that are mostly aimed at members of the organisation engaged in spreading messages and communicating via the media.

As a member of the propaganda arm of DAESH and recipient of official information from the terrorist group, the man arrested distributed all the news and latest information published by DAESH in real time. He was also a firm believer in the manuals, which are aimed at the self-indoctrination of extremely radical individuals. This series of documents highlight the ideologies around martyrdom and the importance of using information and such terms as 'weapon of war' by terrorists, among other things.

Following the guidelines set by the so-called Jihad to the letter, the man arrested spread videos and images containing threats against those who do not practise the terrorist ideology of violence and death of innocents. This content was combined with other content praising the combatants and their deaths as martyrs.

Furthermore, the man arrested indoctrinated those who joined the cause in order for them to further develop their commitment to DAESH, providing them with information on travel to the conflict zone or encouraging them to engage in terrorist attacks in their place of residence. His commitment to the propaganda arm is demonstrated by his use of a photograph of a combatant carrying a camera as his profile picture on one of his channels as a way to underline the idea of 'informer' or 'reporter' of the Jihad.

The operation, which is ongoing, was carried out by Central Investigation Court Number 5, in coordination with the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Spanish National High Court.

Since 26 June 2015, the year in which the Ministry of Home Affairs raised the Counter-Terrorism Alert Level to level 4 (Spanish acronym: NAA-4), the law enforcement agencies have arrested a total of 208 Jihadist terrorists in operations carried out in Spain and abroad and a total of 253 since the start of 2015.

The Ministry of Home Affairs sends out a reminder that, through the initiative STOP RADICALISMOS, citizens can collaborate through a series of channels open to them so that, in a confidential and secure manner, they can notify the State law enforcement agencies of possible cases of radicalisation in their vicinity through the web page, the mobile phone app for citizens security alerts 'Alertcops' and the free hotline 900 822 066.

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