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Upon an initiative from Spain, the United Nations General Assembly approves a resolution to combat organ trafficking

Saturday 9 September 2017
Pool Moncloa

The United Nations General Assembly, upon an initiative from Spain, adopted a resolution on Friday, 8 September, to "strengthen and promote effective measures and international cooperation on organ donation and transplantation to prevent and combat trafficking in persons to remove and traffic human organs". This initiative included advice from the National Transplant Organisation and special collaboration from Guatemala.

The resolution tackled human rights, health and criminal aspects and urges national policies to be developed as well as more effective international and regional collaboration frameworks in the fight against these criminal offences.

The fight against organ trafficking includes fostering organ donation to move towards a level of transplantation self-sufficiency. To achieve that, the resolution urges States to develop effective donation and transplant systems, guided by universally-accepted ethical principles, such as the selfless act of donation and equality in access to transplants without any form of discrimination. It also provides for States with experience to provide technical assistance to countries that request this with a view to helping them establish effective donation systems, something on which Spain has been working diligently as part of the international cooperation programme of the National Transplant Organisation.

The resolution condemns organ trafficking as a human rights violation, and offers special protection to victims and those people who, due to their special status, are in a particularly vulnerable situation, inviting States to adopt specific measures such as the provision of information on the consequences of the illegal removal of an organ, medical and psychological support and mechanisms of redress for victims.

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