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Spain Today 2015-2016

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​​Spain Today offers an up-to-date overview of Spain. Since July 1982 and in various formats, the State Secretariat for Communication has been rigorously reporting on the changes that take place in Spain along with the necessary references to the country's history, culture and population. The online version of Spain Today continues this work and provides its readers with a description of the of the measures and decisions taken by the Government of Spain every year. Previous digital versions of Spain Today dating back to 2007 can be consulted and downloaded.

"Spain Today 2015-2016" presents an updated and comprehensive overview of the reality of Spain during this period, characterised by the consolidation of the economic recovery and marked by the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Spain joining the UN, 30 years of membership of the EU and 400 years since the death of Miguel de Cervantes.

Economic recovery and job creation have been the main priorities of the President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, over this two-year period and remain the main key challenges in 2017. The measures adopted by the government and the efforts made by Spanish society have led to sustained economic growth of 3.2% of GDP in 2015 and 2016, almost double the Eurozone average. This economic growth has made it possible to create 463,000 jobs in 2016, along with an average increase in employment of close on 3% year-on-year over the two years.

The commitment to recovery and growth taken on by the government, even during the 316 days operating in a caretaker capacity, was strengthened by actions designed to consolidate transparency and good governance, to transform and modernise the public authorities and to fight corruption.

On the international stage, the presence of Spain over this period was strengthened by its participation as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. As the President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy stated at the commemoration of our membership of the UN, "Spain has become a benchmark nation in the three key cornerstones of the UN: peace, human rights and development".

The two-year period 2015-2016 has constituted yet another example of the resilience of the Spanish people and their involvement in the construction and transformation of our society. "Spain Today 2015-2016" seeks to highlight the efforts, progress and successes achieved between us all over this period in its new online version, taking one more step forward in the development of the historical series of this work.​


Carmen Martínez Castro 

State Secretary for Communication