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Spain Today 2015

Spain Today offers an up-to-date overview of Spain. Since July 1982 and in various formats, the State Secretariat for Communication has been rigorously reporting on the changes that take place in Spain along with the necessary references to the country's history, culture and population. The online version of Spain Today continues this work and provides its readers with a description of the of the measures and decisions taken by the Government of Spain every year. Previous digital versions of Spain Today dating back to 2007 can be consulted and downloaded.

​In 2015, Spain will be one of the Eurozone countries to create the most jobs and post the fastest growth. The strength and momentum of the economic recovery that began in 2014 and led to the creation of 440,000 new jobs will gain intensity this financial year. We are therefore in a position to state that the main commitment made by the President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, during his investiture speech will have been met: "to stop the shedding of jobs, stimulate economic growth and accelerate the return to job creation".

Economic recovery is the most essential aspect of the change seen in Spain during the course of this legislature and is clearly reflected in this latest edition of "Spain Today", which the State Secretariat for Communication publishes for society in general to read.

"Spain Today 2015" offers a global overview of the main actions and reforms undertaken by the various ministerial departments since the start of the legislature, with a special focus on those carried out in 2014. It also highlights the challenges that need to be tackled in 2015 in order to strengthen progress and the well-being of all Spaniards. The commitment to reform made by the Government of Spain goes beyond affairs of a purely economic nature; the recovery is also a product of the improvements made in terms of transparency and good governance, the public administration reform and the efforts to combat corruption.

"Spain Today 2015" includes accurate data and rigorously researched figures on the economic, political, social and cultural make-up of Spain, as well as its international profile, which was given a boost this year following its selection to hold a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council. For the first time and as a means to facilitate consultation, the book is being released in digital format only. It also includes numerous links that help contextualise the data and complement the text.

In recent years, the people of Spain have featured in a globally-recognised success story that deserves to be told. This latest edition of "Spain Today" humbly wishes to help leave a record of that collective achievement.



Carmen Martínez Castro 

State Secretary for Communication