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"We are setting off on the road to recovery in Spain", says Mariano Rajoy

Lower House of Parliament, Madrid, Wednesday 09 October 2013
Rajoy asiste a la sesión de control del Congreso
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When speaking in the Lower House of Parliament, the President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, said that "things are getting better" and that "the Spanish economy is producing positive data, although there is still a great deal more to be done".

In response to a question from the Member of Parliament for the Grupo Socialista [Socialist Group], Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, on the living conditions of Spanish citizens, the President of the Government cited the targets set by the Government of Spain when it came to power: "to overcome several years of economic crisis and establish a solid basis for sustained and stable job creation and growth".

Mariano Rajoy believes that meeting those targets means increasing revenue and improving, among other things, the living conditions of the Spanish population.

The serious imbalances in the Spanish economy, which led to this situation in the first place, must be corrected: "the public deficit, the foreign trade deficit, inflation, foreign debt and the condition of our financial system".

To that end, the Government of Spain has taken many decisions that are having an effect. "The imbalances are being corrected, which is the basis for fostering growth and generating revenue in the future as well as improving public services", said Mariano Rajoy.

The President of the Government stressed that "today, we can now say that we have emerged from recession, that economic growth next year will stand at 0.7%, that our public administration services and our companies can finance themselves better because the risk premium has fallen significantly, that inflation stands at 0.3% in September, that recorded unemployment is producing the most encouraging data since 2007 - falling by more than 100,000 people, that youth unemployment has fallen by 31,000 in the last year and finally that foreign investment - in stocks,  real estate and direct investment - is on the increase".

"We are on the path to recovery in Spain, which is what everyone in this country wants", concluded the President of the Government.

Increased investments in Navarre

The President of the Government confirmed that the General State Budget provides for a 39.17% increase on last year for Navarre.

He added that the public works budget is increased by 50%, that there has been an extremely high level of activity in 2013 and that work will continue, among other areas, on the high-speed railway network, the environment and the reservoirs of most importance, such as Yesa.

In response to a question from the Member of Parliament for the Grupo Mixto [Mixed Group], Uxue Barkos, on the draft General State Budget for Navarre, the President of the Government defended a "provincial and Spanish Navarre, as contemplated by our Constitution", and said that, "over the course of the last thirty-odd years, efforts have been made by both parties with great institutional loyalty, there has been stability and there is a greater degree of autonomy than ever before".