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Speech by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero at the session for his investiture as President of the Government

Congress of Deputies, Tuesday 08 April 2008


We are present today in this Chamber, because one month ago tomorrow, the citizens of Spain gave us their support to represent them during the forthcoming four years. When casting their vote, they entrusted us with different missions: To myself and to the Socialist party, they granted us a majority position making us responsible for the Government of Spain; to other political forces, they entrusted the function of acting as the opposition and supervising the Government.

For this reason, I appear before this Chamber today to ask for your confidence, fulfilling the stipulations laid down in our Constitution, and in keeping with the proposal made by HM the King.

I come to ask for your confidence not only to form a Government and preside over it, but also to promote a clear idea of Spain: A prosperous and also decent country; an efficient country; a united and diverse country; a country committed to the cause of peace, and to the fight against climate change and poverty.

I ask for your confidence in order to continue working, over the next four years, for the growth and prosperity of Spain, and to overcome, along with entrepreneurs and workers, the phase of economic slowdown that our economy is experiencing, within a global context.

I ask for your confidence in order to translate this economic growth into social growth, to generate more and better jobs, and to attain definitive equality between men and women-also regarding their salaries.

I ask for your confidence in order to achieve, together, an efficient public administration, one entirely at the service of the public in order to resolve their problems with agility.

I ask for your confidence in order to forge institutions able to guarantee unity, and channel the diversity of a country as united and diverse as Spain.

I ask for your confidence in order to achieve, through unity, the victory of democracy over terrorism, and in order to be able to enjoy a Spain with more security on its streets, its highways, and its workplaces; one that squarely faces crime, unsafe driving, and occupational accidents.

I ask for your confidence in order to attain the levels of education and culture that a great power such as Spain deserves.

I ask for your confidence in order to deepen our commitment to Europe, to defend international law, and to fight on the front lines against climate change and poverty, and in favour of peace.

I ask for your confidence in order to advance this idea of Spain, and to do so by bringing together the greatest possible number of different intentions, governing for all, in dialogue with all, and with respect for all.